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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Snap Out of It, Stay Positive, Performance Hair with Carter Parton Rogers

It’s one of those day’s y’all. I’d love your support and encouragement. Here’s what has happened today… Hey Hear Me Now A community for dream  pursuin’ Hey Hear Me Now A community for dream  pursuin’ I hope ya’ll’ll follow and connect with me on the Twitter - click here.  And on the Facebook - click here. And on […]

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Practice, Practice, Practice! 3 more notes and JINGLE BELLS!

If I could be more excited about today I would surprise my ownself. I am that excited y’all. I am in complete amazement of what’ll happen if you Practice, Practice, Practice! I have learned 3 more notes on the guitar! That’s in the first video blog below. And then for an extra bit in the […]

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What a weekend! Learn E, F and G on the Guitar! Country Singer, Carter Parton Rogers

Hey y’all, I’m super excited to share today’s blog with you cause I practiced a lot over the weekend and learned some new things. I even tried to write a song for you with the new things I learned. Here’s my video blog about it…   Hey Hear Me Now A community for dream  pursuin’ […]

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Fixing things, When life gives you Lemons, Country Singer

Welp, y’all, it is late on Friday and I have just run into a challenge in learnin’ the guitar. I have some things to say about this in my video blog here… Oh and one more thing, it’s nighttime and there was hardly any light to do this, but I had to say something about […]

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Zandy - Carter! You are too cute! I love your optimism. Thank you for bringing a smile to my day. I am taking caterpillar steps to becoming a butterfly!September 21, 2012 – 8:55 pm

Writing Country Songs, No Moon to Sunshine, Carter Parton Rogers

Yesterday I shared what I learned on the guitar, how to play G, and today I’m contemplatin’ the next steps on this journey of becomin’ a country music singin’ sensation. It’s tough that’s all I know. Thank you for checkin’ out my video blog here… Hey Hear Me Now A community for dream  pursuin’ Hey […]

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