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Monthly Archives: February 2013

A New Podcast! I’ll Fly Away inspired by a new friend!

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. Today I have a new podcast. Inspired by a friend I met recently who has an amazin’ singin’ voice, her name’s Angela. Be sure to check out Angela’s version of I’ll Fly Away by clickin’ here! Thank you for inspirin’ today’s podcast Angela. Okay…ya’ll…get your ears ready…here is my attempt […]

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Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. This is an extra special post today. My sweet friend Jennifer H that I’ve known for years…it’s her BIRTHDAY TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER H!!! I hope you enjoy your special video. There’s balloons! Here it is… Love you Jennifer H! I hope ya’ll’ll follow and connect with me on […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Listen in on a call to my secret crush from High School…

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY! I hope ya’ll all have a wonderful day. I was recently inspired while at Target. I saw this… and thought “you’re right Target, it’s time to tell ‘em how I feel” so today I finally got up the nerve and called someone I’ve had a secret […]

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A New QuotePhoto

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. I wanted to wish ya’ll a happy Friday and to say hang in there and keep the sun up on your dreams. I made this quotephoto and wanted to share it with ya’ll. It’s a quote straight outta my very first video and I put it on a pretty photo […]

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An Afterbirthday Video Message, A Very Special Gift

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. Yesterday was my birthday…so I have a very special Afterbirthday Message for you all. You won’t believe what Hal, the director of my December show, gave me, I just can’t even believe it. I really can’t. And I wrote a new original song!!! I know it’s the day after […]

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Laura Pinner Woodard - We’re doin’ it ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!February 13, 2013 – 1:46 pm