A recap of New Year’s Eve show and an exciting new show in San Francisco!

Hey Y’all. Carter Parton Rogers here. Sometimes I like to write real long titles to posts on the blog. And that is just fine. Right? Sure.

Okay. I’m so happy to share with y’all that we had a real fun show on New Year’s Eve. Here’s some photos and the show poster and a little tiny bit of VIDEO!

Please come to the next show…in the SAN FRANCISCO this SUNDAY durin’ the San Francisco Sketch Fest!!! I’m so excited. I’m openin’ again for We Got This with Mark and Hal, this time special guest is Adam Savage from MythBusters! Y’all! Click right here to get yer tickets!

Alright. Now back to a recap of the New Year’s Eve show 2016: A New Hope! Scrimshaw and Lublin‘s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza!!!

The POSTER…(Hal and Joseph produced the show and did such a great job)

New Years Eve Show Poser

Me and the darlin’, talented Hal…

Carter and Hal

The little tiny bit of VIDEO…

I love my new dress from my sweet Mama. I just love my Mama. Thank you for my dress Mama.

Carter Parton Rogers_Dress from Mama

The running order…with all the lovely friends who are so talented…

Running Order

Check my tweets on the Twitter to see all the photos from that night. I retweeted everybody. Lots of new friends were made. It was a beautiful night!



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