Show Reviews

Hey Y’all. Carter Parton Rogers here. I’m excited to share some Show Reviews I’ve received from lovely people who have attended my shows over the years.

You can see my upcoming performance show schedule by clickin’ right here.


“Carter’s shows have it all. Comedy, music, drama, audience participation. Her energetic spirit is catching. I’ve never left a show not smiling. Carter sparkles and shines. It is a true treat to get to watch her perform and before you know it you’ll be singing along with her because her original songs are very catchy. I can’t wait until I get to see her perform again!” – Keri

“Funny, charming, contagious, and fun are just a few ways to describe seeing Carter perform. And really you don’t  see Carter you experience her. It’s a true treat that you’ll walk away from smiling and be talking about for days!” – Katie

“A Talent among talents. Everyone was cheering wildly by the end of her set. Fun time was had by all.” – Peter

“Carter is charming and disarming, and a delight.” – Rick

“With her sparkling personality and an act that’s addictive in its captivating originality, Carter Parton Rogers is sure to become every viewer’s own Country Music Singing Sensation! Two thumbs way up!” RJ

“Carter is absolutely wonderful. You will laugh and sing along. Carter is so sweet too!” – Sheila

“I am here to tell you she’s an Actual Wonder Of Nature” – Josh

“If you have a chance to see this hilarious woman performing, don’t pass it up!” – Craig

“That song about feathers. Perfection.” – Leslie

“You lit up the stage in NYC!” – Henry

“I am lucky enough to have seen Carter Parton Rogers perform twice. Carter brings a certain energy to the stage that can’t be matched. She’s great at getting the crowd involved and even comes with props! Never forget your timer, y’all. If you want to see a show filled with enthusiasm, laughs, smiles, and sparkle, go see Carter Parton Rogers before she’s selling out the Grand Ole Opry!” – Jena

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