Hey Y’all. Carter Parton Rogers here. I made a show poster for my April show. I am so excited to share new songs and more stories and lots of music with y’all.  Did y’all notice I changed all the reds to pinks and just reused the photo below from my Christmas Special Show. Y’all I like to recycle. Plus I just love this photo because it has all my instruments in it…do y’all see them?

You can RSVP to my show by clickin’ right here. I’ll see y’all at the show where I’ll be one step closer to my dream of bein’ at the Grand Ole Opry!

The Carter Parton Rogers Show_April 16_2016


Hey Y’all. Carter Parton Rogers here. Today is the BIG DAY! It’s DRESS REVEAL Day! Be sure to join my newsletter by CLICKIN’ RIGHT HERE for more videos and special bonus material that’s only in my newsletters!

I have been so excited for my dress to arrive and it’s finally here. Let’s open the package together and see what it looks like on… (Y’all subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel by clickin’ here for more adventures)

***UPDATE Y’ALL: New VIDEO to see after you watch the dress reveal. Tune in here to “How To Do Your Makeup in a Minute (without a mirror)”***

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO Y’ALL. I really think this can help anyone who is doing online shopping. 

THEN WATCH THIS VIDEO ON “How To Do Your Makeup In A Minute (without a mirror)”…please SHARE these time savin’ tips with your Sparkle friends.

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Hey Y’all. Carter Parton Rogers here. What a wonderful weekend we just had, it was so much fun performin’ in San Francisco durin’ the San Francisco Sketchfest. I had the honor of bein’ the openin’ number for We Got This with Mark and Hal with special guests Adam Savage and John Hodgman! The show was at the Punch Line and I just loved every minute. THANK YOU Hal and Mark for the opportunity!

TODAY We Got This is featured on iTunes Y’all! You can listen to We Got This as Mark and Hal and Adam and John figure out which is better…the Star Wars or the Star Trek…click right here y’all to listen…it’s episode #46 AND they included my openin’ music and stories as a bonus episode #46A

Enjoy these photos and then get on over to iTunes so you can here everything! Yay!

Mark and Me and Hal outside the Punch Line right before we did a sound check to get ready for the show…
Carter Hal and Mark_San Francisco_Punch Line_January 2016

After the show! So happy! (thank you Jena for this photo)

Me, the Hal Lublin, the Mark Gagliardi, the Adam Savage and the John Hodgman


I was so excited to see my badge! When I saw it I said to myself “It’s been made OFFICIAL by someone other than me…I’m an ARTIST!” Thank you San Francisco Sketchfest!


Durin’ the show we took a selfie with everyone for the Instagram! This is that selfie…will y’all follow me on the Instagram? Thank you. Please, click here to do that


I made a poster for this experience. Do y’all love it? I do!…I always wanted a portrait staring off into the distance dreamin’, so I took one of myself while I was waitin’ for the show to start…

Carter Parton Rogers Poster_San Francisco_Punchline_January 2016 web

Look how beautiful the San Francisco is. I took this photo while we were on a bridge. I think you can see that is true…


And we traveled by Virgin American airlines. They even tweeted to me after I tweeted to them…you can see all that on the Twitter, click right here


Thank you all for reading this and for continuing to enjoy my music so I can reach my dream of performin’ at The Grand Ole Opry someday (soon I hope).



Hey Y’all. Carter Parton Rogers here. Sometimes I like to write real long titles to posts on the blog. And that is just fine. Right? Sure.

Okay. I’m so happy to share with y’all that we had a real fun show on New Year’s Eve. Here’s some photos and the show poster and a little tiny bit of VIDEO!

Please come to the next show…in the SAN FRANCISCO this SUNDAY durin’ the San Francisco Sketch Fest!!! I’m so excited. I’m openin’ again for We Got This with Mark and Hal, this time special guest is Adam Savage from MythBusters! Y’all! Click right here to get yer tickets!

Alright. Now back to a recap of the New Year’s Eve show 2016: A New Hope! Scrimshaw and Lublin‘s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza!!!

The POSTER…(Hal and Joseph produced the show and did such a great job)

New Years Eve Show Poser

Me and the darlin’, talented Hal…

Carter and Hal

The little tiny bit of VIDEO…

I love my new dress from my sweet Mama. I just love my Mama. Thank you for my dress Mama.

Carter Parton Rogers_Dress from Mama

The running order…with all the lovely friends who are so talented…

Running Order

Check my tweets on the Twitter to see all the photos from that night. I retweeted everybody. Lots of new friends were made. It was a beautiful night!