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Happy New Year 2014 Ya’ll!!! Moving forward even with the mistakes!

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. Happy New Year to ya’ll in this beautiful year of 2014! I have to be honest and admit that this is not the video or post I was planning or hopin’ to launch the new year with! It just so happens that I made a poster for The Facebook […]

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heyhearmenow - Hello Aunt Mattie! I just think that is a fascinatin’ dream! Thank you for sharin’ it with me. I love all the people in the story. Sounds like it was full of fun things. Hugs and Sunshine! Carter :-) January 16, 2014 – 7:35 pm

Mattie Howell - Hello Carter:
I had a dream last night. I dreamed that you put on little skits with your Carter doll that you got for your birthday. Along with Carter was Star War action fiqures and Batman action fiqures. Your stunt double was Barbie. It was kidda cheesey, like a puppet show or Toy Story. Since you wanted to keep your doll in box mint condition. The box would turn around and your stunt Barbie would appear and say “Sparkle On”. You were a country singer super hero; fighting for everything good and sparkely. At one point Darth Vadar appeared and said “Carter I am your father” In the background was some of your songs. Weird right. Aunt MattieJanuary 11, 2014 – 5:38 am

Featured! on Swagbucks! Happy Early Halloween Ya’ll!

Hey Ya’ll. Carter Parton Rogers here. Guess what? My Halloween Video and Song from last year is bein’ featured today on the famous Swagbucks website. Ya’ll click this link to go see it and leave comments and share it. That would be so wonderful. And check out there site for all kinds of cool things. […]

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Happy Birthday Sisterfriend Mandy! An Original Birthday Song!

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. Today is a very special day! It’s my Sisterfriend Mandy’s Birthday!!! Ya’ll know those friends that are like sisters, a friend ya’ve had all your life. That’s Mandy to me. Happy Birthday Mandy!!! I hope yer havin’ a wonderful day celebratin’! Enjoy your special Birthday Song!!! Hey Hear Me […]

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Look Up! Keep Moving Forward!

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. Happy Friday!!! Today I wanted to share these two pictures I took recently before a show when I was standin’ outside doin’ my normal warm up while havin’ the nervous panics about goin’ up on stage. So I tried to calm myself by lookin’ at the pretty sights. And […]

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Something New! A Vidcast!

Hey ya’ll. Carter Parton Rogers here. Happy today to you! Ya’ll I’m tryin’ out somethin’ new today – which you can listen to below. It’s a vidcast, it’s like a podcast but with a picture like a video sort of. The countdown continues to my one year of pursuin’ my dream anniversary. 9 more days!!! […]

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