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Featured! on Swagbucks! Happy Early Halloween Ya’ll!

Hey Ya’ll. Carter Parton Rogers here. Guess what? My Halloween Video and Song from last year is bein’ featured today on the famous Swagbucks website. Ya’ll click this link to go see it and leave comments and share it. That would be so wonderful. And check out there site for all kinds of cool things. […]

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Happy Birthday Sisterfriend Mandy! An Original Birthday Song!

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. Today is a very special day! It’s my Sisterfriend Mandy’s Birthday!!! Ya’ll know those friends that are like sisters, a friend ya’ve had all your life. That’s Mandy to me. Happy Birthday Mandy!!! I hope yer havin’ a wonderful day celebratin’! Enjoy your special Birthday Song!!! Hey Hear Me […]

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Miss Holly Hope is coming back from hiding soon! President of the Universe 2016!

Hey friends. Carter Parton Rogers here. Ya’ll! I’ve got some great news. My dear cousin Miss Holly Hope has finally decided to come out of hidin’ after losin’ the Presidential Election last year. She will be debutin’ a new video soon about her new dream…to be President of the Universe! The ENTIRE Universe! But until […]

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Tea Talkin’ with Carter Parton Rogers with Special Guest: Darlene!

Hey Sweet Friends, Carter Parton Rogers here. Happy Friday! Oh ya’ll today I’ve got somethin’ real special to share. In this episode of “Tea Talkin’” I interview my very first guest on Hey Hear Me Now! Ya’ll I talk with Darlene of Viola Mountain (Follow Viola Mountain on the Facebook, Follow Viola Mountain on the Twitter) about her bein’ in […]

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LIVE!!! at Kulak’s Woodshed, Carter Parton Rogers, Video of Show

Hey Dear Sweet Friends, I’m so excited to share with ya’ll today the video footage of me doin’ my music at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood, California. I hope ya’ll enjoy watchin’. Here’s the video and then below are the photos from the show that I put in last week’s recap. Today though you get […]

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