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How to go after Your Dreams!

Hello dear friends. Carter Parton Rogers here. I was just sittin’ here reflectin’ about how far I’ve come since I decided I was gonna pursue my dream of bein’ a country music singin’ sensation at the Grand Ole Opry. To the outside world it might not look like that far. But to me. Well. When […]

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Walk in LOVE when you “Walk A Mile in My Shoes”

Hey Ya’ll. Carter Parton Rogers here. I wanted to share this video with ya’ll. My sweet Daddy told me about this song “Walk A Mile in My Shoes” by the wonderful Joe South and said to pay real close attention to the lyrics. It’s such a beautiful message. It’s fills my heart with gratefulness to […]

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The Truth about Puttin’ on a Show! Podcast #13

Hey dear friends. Carter Parton Rogers here. Ya’ll! A new podcast today. Today I’m just sharin’ the truth about how it feels to be puttin’ on a show…I’m sharin’ through pictures and a podcast. I kick off my Summer Spectacle Tour on Friday August 23rd at Muse on 8th and I am a mess about […]

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Dream Pursuin’ Dream Board Project and Newsletter Sign Up!

Hey friends! Carter Parton Rogers here. Thanks so much for stoppin’ by today. I’ve been workin’ on gettin’ something in order so I can have a Newsletter!!! An extra special one with lots of fun things. Ya’ll be sure to sign up by enterin’ your email right over there to the left of this – see […]

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Happy 4th of July! The Star Spangled Banner! How to make your own sparklers for the 4th of July!

Hey Ya’ll. Carter Parton Rogers here. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 4th of July (tomorrow)!!! I hope you have a wonderful day celebratin’ this beautiful country we live in and have a fun day with friends and family. I have made an extra special video for ya’ll! Songs, pictures and crafts! That’s right…there a special how-to craft […]

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Teresa Boardman - thanks for not lighting things on fire.July 14, 2013 – 12:42 pm