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Hey Hear Me Now Presents: Carter Parton Rogers and The Dreamers! A Podcast! Episode 1

Hey Ya’ll. Carter Parton Rogers here. Happy October 1, 2014! Today there is somethin’ brand new on the podcast. I hope ya’ll enjoy as we have extra special guests today! Enjoy and leave some love for everyone… My dream is to be a Country Music Singin’ Sensation! (I just like to keep sayin’ that so […]

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Questions with Carter Parton Rogers! A Podcast!

Hey Ya’ll. Carter Parton Rogers here. It’s time for another Hey Hear Me Now Podcast. I hope ya’ll listen and enjoy…I’d love your answers. Ya’ll’ll know what I mean after listenin’… Ya’ll! Sign up for my Newsletter! There’ll be one soon… Sign up: Hey Hear Me Now Newsletter Email: AND… #KeepYourSparkle Hey Hear Me Now […]

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Look Up! Keep Moving Forward!

Hey Ya’ll! Carter Parton Rogers here. Happy Friday!!! Today I wanted to share these two pictures I took recently before a show when I was standin’ outside doin’ my normal warm up while havin’ the nervous panics about goin’ up on stage. So I tried to calm myself by lookin’ at the pretty sights. And […]

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How to go after Your Dreams!

Hello dear friends. Carter Parton Rogers here. I was just sittin’ here reflectin’ about how far I’ve come since I decided I was gonna pursue my dream of bein’ a country music singin’ sensation at the Grand Ole Opry. To the outside world it might not look like that far. But to me. Well. When […]

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Miss Holly Hope is coming back from hiding soon! President of the Universe 2016!

Hey friends. Carter Parton Rogers here. Ya’ll! I’ve got some great news. My dear cousin Miss Holly Hope has finally decided to come out of hidin’ after losin’ the Presidential Election last year. She will be debutin’ a new video soon about her new dream…to be President of the Universe! The ENTIRE Universe! But until […]

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